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R. L. Polk & Co. New Orleans City Directory - 1952-53.

Buhler Aimee (Wid Wm) r820 Foucher
" Andre F (Gladys) sec-treas Cotton Trade Warehouses
   h67 Versailles blvd
" Annie C Mr. h8018a Burthe
" Chas J hl00l 4th
" Christine (wid Sam S) h2823 Banks
" Clara M Mrs supvr PS h3618 Magazine
" Clarence H (Clara M) guard Lehon's Protection Police

   Serv h3618 Magazlne

" Clarence H Jr (Erminie) USA r2l4-1/2 Mazant
" Edw H driver Yellow Cab r1002 Jackson av apt 5
" Emile J (Emelia J) ticket agt Sou Ry h2924 Bdwy
" Emile J III studt r2924 Bdwy
" Erminie Mrs clk SBT&T r2141-1/2 Mazant
" Eug (Myrtle B) driver Atlanta-NO Mtr Frt r2675


" Eug F pharm Claren's Drug Store h2675 Madrid
" Florence M typ State Dept of Health r921 Opelousas

   av (Alg)

" Frank J (Genevieve H) h3709 Clermont dr
" Frank L clk ICRR h5518 Cameron blvd
" Fredk A pntr r1002 Jackson av apt 5
" Fredk   J (Ester) bkbndr Perry & Buckley h3116

" Geo clk NOPE r2336 Wisteria


" Geo H (Florence A) baker h921 Opelousas av (Alg)
" Geo L (Mary   B) buyer Std Fruit & SS h4004

   Catherine av (B Pk)
" Geo T (Rosalie C) h818 Delachaise
" Gertrude   Mrs   hl002 Jackson av apt 5
" Gladys M clk John M Parker Co r67 Versailles blvd
" Harold F (O'Dell S) with Stanton & Wells h8731


" Harold F Jr Studt r8731 Pear
" Henry (Louise B) slsmn Stauffer Eshelman Hdw h

   2318 Cleveland av
" Jas G (Alice B) caplas clk Parish Criminal Sheriff h

   6871   Louisville

" Jas W (Anna B) clk Sou Pac h1104 Shirley dr (Alg)
" Joanne studt r8731 Pear
" John emp Pgh Glass r3934 Annunciation
" John L bmo NOPE r202 S Cortez
" Jos L (Laura S) aud Wm Richardson's Whol Dry Gds

    h3622 Camp

" Lois r2318 Cleveland av

" Lois S Mrs clk La Pwr & Light h600 Powder (Alg)
" Loraine bkpr Davis Sash & Door r3631 State Street dr
" Louis agt US Int Rev r924 Pleasant
" Louise clk Muntz TV Inc r2540 Canal
" Louise E pres Liberty Shop h3631 State Street dr
" Lula L Mrs bkpr Imperial Shoe Store h2700 Cam-


" Margt B (wld Cornelius) h2336 Wllterla
" Marian slswn D H Holmes Co r202 S Cortez
" Mary B Mrs sten US Int Rev H4004 Catherine av

   (B Pk)
" Mildred L bkpr Royal Netherlands SS h317 City

   Park av apt 8
" Milton r820 Foucher

" Myrtle B Mn order clk Kreeger's r2675 Madrid
" Pauline R (wid Wm) h3936 Annunciation
" Philip C (Lois S) asst trans supt Westside Transit

   Lines h600 Powder (Alg)

" Philip N formn State Levee Bd r425-1/2 Eliza
" Rosemary J (wid Albert) asst aud Whitney Natl Bank

   r5545 Rosemary pl

" Saml H (Lulu) electn h2700 Cambronne
" Thos r2540 Canal

" Thos J (Theresa W) safety insp State h2622 Annun-

" Thornton eng US Engs r924 Pleasant
" Victor L (Kath B) agt Franklin Ins h810 Homedale
" Wm F USMC r820  Foucher
" Yvonne r2318  Cleveland  av


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