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Peter Anton Buhler of New Orleans, Louisiana.

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...the goal of the genealogist has traditionally been to identify and link together past generations of ancestors into pedigrees, the goal of today's family historian is to do that as well as to understand something of the lives and times of specific persons, couples, or families over one or more generations.


Val D. Greenwood, The Researcher's Guide to American Genealogy.


Buhler Family Timeline through History


Joannis Buhler
born about 1730
1724   Immanuel Kant born
1740 Silesian Wars
Joannes Buhler 
born about 1760

The Seven Years War 

1789 The French Revolution
Johann Peter Buhler
1795 - 1879
1804 Napoleonic Wars
1815 Battle of Waterloo
Peter Anton Buhler
1825 - 1875
1835 First German railway 
1840 Buhler Family to America
Charles Anton Buhler
1854 - 1924
1853 Yellow fever epidemic
1861 The Civil War
George Henry Buhler
1888 - 1962
1895 The Algiers fire
1918 World War I
George Lawrence Buhler
1921 - 2014
1930 The Great Depression
1945 World War II



Index to all Family Charts


William R Ackhurst

Juliana Elizabeth Buhler


James Houston Baskett Mary Buckley Buhler 1935-2009
Edwards Bertoniere Odile Lusignan 1892-

Daniel Brady

Julia Jackson


Vhores Peter Breaux Marie Agnes Lusignan  
Bernard F Buckley Vera Schmitt 1926-2007

Bernard J Buckley

Ellen Conway


William Peter Buckley

Johanna Brady


Charles Anton Buhler

Martha Chestnut


Emile Buhler

Victoria Clabert


George Henry Buhler

Aline Florence Lusignan


George Lawrence Buhler (Living) Buckley 1921-2014

Joannes Buhler

Juliana Bitsch


Joannes Petrus Buhler

Maria Anna Keppler


Catharina Barbara Mosthaf
Dorothea Elizabeth Behrns

Joannis Buhler

Anna Maria Beilin


John Peter Buhler

Anita Hauser


Peter Anton Buhler

Magdalena Mayer


Gertrude Schmidt

Peter Kilian Buhler

Susanna Harris


Regina Marcour

Philip Neville Buhler

Hazel Fink


Charles Dallam

Elizabeth Buhler

 about 1850-

Charles Gaulon

Maria Sabina Buhler

 about 1847-

John Hunn

Pearl Buhler

 about 1884-

George A Koepke

Dorothea Rosa Buhler


Victor Lae  Marie Alice Lusignan  
Arthur Lusignan Alma Morvant  
Charles Fidelice Lusignan Sarah Ferrel  
Elie Lusignan Marie Vincent 1769-1829

Etienne Lusignan

Modeste Clairteau about 1800-
Floyd Clovis Lusignan Rosemary Stelljes 1926-2011
Jean Lusignan Marie Jarry 1768-1830

Jean Clovis Lusignan

Myrtillia Estivenne


Jean Baptiste Lusignan

Marie Richard


Joseph Jean Baptiste Lusignan Octavia Benoit  
Louis Jules Lusignan Annaise Hebert 1897-
Pierre Lusignan Marguerite Bonnefon about 1738-

Louis Marechal

Margaretha Buhler


Charles Mott

Louisa Buhler

 about 1869-

George Samuel Seymour [Jr]

Shirley Mae Buhler


George Samuel Seymour [Sr]

Edna Frances Smith


William H Seymour

Jeannie E Thompson


Philip Oliver Sutherland Florence Marie Louise Buhler 1932-2020

John Louis Taylor

Maria Anna Sabina Buhler


Hippolyte Vezien

Wilhelmine Buhler


Manuel Vinett

Elizabeth Buhler


William Weckerling

Magdalena Buhler

about 1859-

1. Husband's birth and death year.

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