The Lusignan Family

George Henry Buhler (1888-1962), the grandson of Peter Anton Buhler, married Florence Lusignan in 1919. The apparent immigrant ancestor of the Lusignan family is Etienne Lusignan. Etienne, a native of Bergerac, Dept. of Dordogne in France, married Modeste Clairteau on Sep 14, 1829. (Archdiocese of New Orleans, Sacramental Records, Volume 18, 1828-1829, page 257)

In the 1830 census, Etienne is enumerated in Orleans Parish. In 1840 he is counted in Lafourche Parish. The Lusignan family left behind a legacy in Thibodaux, Lafourche Parish, Louisiana. Church and courthouse records from Lafourche Parish help place the Lusignans into family charts.

Chronicling America is a website providing access to information about historic newspapers and select digitized newspaper pages, and is produced by the National Digital Newspaper Program (NDNP). NDNP, a partnership between the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and the Library of Congress (LC). The Weekly Thibodaux Sentinel (English) and the Sentinelle de Thibodaux (French) was published between 1898 and 1905. The links below contain stories relating to the Lusignan family.

Jean Baptiste Lusignan (1836-1904), was the son of Etienne Lusignan. Stories:  On Murder Bent, father and son have a narrow escape. And more here. J. B. Lusignan vs Widow Edouar Doucet. Sale of Land.

Jean Clovis Lusignan (1861-1924), was the son of Jean Baptiste Lusignan, grandson of Etienne Lusignan. Clovis married Myrtillia Estivenne. Clovis’ daughter, Aline Florence, married George Henry Buhler. My father, George Lawrence Buhler, son of George H and Florence, once commented that his mother’s family had owned and operated a “soft drink” business in Thibodaux, Louisiana. Stories:  American Bottle Works (A.B.C. Thibodaux, La.). More here.

Lusignan & Sposito (Clovis Lusignan and Victor Sposito), doing business as American Bottling Works, registered the trademark of “A.B.C. Thibodaux, LA.” in 1902.  American Bottling Works was engaged in the manufacturing, bottling, boxing, shipping, selling and delivering seltzer, mineral waters and pop. Here are two examples of “A.B.C. Thibodaux LA Registered” bottles in the possession of George L. Buhler Jr. The example on the left is a blob-top bottle. This type of bottle was closed with a “Hutchinson’s Patent Spring Stopper” used between 1879 and WWI. The bottle on the right is a crown top example that came into use in 1892. Throughout 1903, American Bottling Works ran advertisements in the Thibodaux Sentinel soliciting orders at 60 cents for 2 dozen bottles or $1.20 for 4 dozen bottles. It is not know how long the firm was in business.

Louis Lusignan, barber, marriage announcement.

Charles Frederick Lusignan, obituary. Charles birth record gives his name as Charles Fidelice Luzignan .  Charles was the son of Jean Baptiste Lusignan, brother of Clovis B. Lusignan and the the uncle of Florence Lusignan, wife of George Henry Buhler. Charles’ birth year and place agrees with the linked obituary . Charles was a butcher in Algiers, La.


From: Seymour, William H. The Story of Algiers, 1718-1896, now fifth district of New Orleans, the past and present.   Algiers: Algiers Democrat Pub. Co., Ltd., 1896. Page 48.

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