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Who has not spread out a map on the table and felt its promise of places to go and things to see and do?

John Noble Wilford, The Mapmakers: the story of the great pioneers in cartography, from antiquity to the space age.



Image Description Location
Joseph Wilhelm, "SS CEFALU at Desire St. Wharf in New Orleans, Jan. 1957" New Orleans, LA. S12 
Author unknown, "Genealogy of the Kings of I. Jerusalem II., Cyprus III., and Silicia." Date unknown. S04F20
Department of the Interior, National Park Service. "Sequoia National Park and Vicinity" Sequoia National Park. California. Washington, D. C.: Government Printing Office, 1936.   not filed 

"New Orleans, La. and Mississippi River. Mosaic by 4th Photo Section Air Service - U. S. Army October 1922."

Flat File

Guillaume-Tell Poussin. "Plan du Canal de jonction du Mississippi au Lac Pontchartrain. [and] Canal de Louisville. [and] Canal de la Chesapeake a la Delaware." 1834.

Flat File
Gottlob Friedrich Haug. "Das Koenigreich Wurtemberg gereichnet von G. F. Haug Professor 1822." S04F20
John Melish. "New Orleans and adjacent country." 1822. S04F20

Gotthelf Zimmermann. “Auswanderer-karte und wegweiser nach Nordamerika.” 1853. 


Alonso de Santa Cruz. "Dibujo del golfo de México y costa de Nueva España, desde el cabo de Santa Elena hasta el río Pánuco." 1544.

Alonso Álvarez de Pineda "Dibujo de la costa del golfo de México desde la península de Florida hasta Nombre de Dios." 1519. External

Abraham Ortelius. "Pervviae Avriferæ Regionis Typvs. Didaco Mendezio auctore." [and] "La Florida. Auctore Hieron. Chiaves." [and] "Gvastecan Reg." 1609.

Flat File
Frank A. Gray. "Gray’s New Map of Louisiana." 1893. Flat File
Thomas Kitchin. "Map of the Province of West Florida." 1781. S01F05
Guillaume Delisle. "Partie Septentrionale de la Souabe." 1704. Flat File
Guillaume Delisle. "Partie Meridionale de la Souabe." 1704. Flat File

"Rand McNally 14 x 21 inch Map of United States." circa 1944.

(verso) Servicemen's Map of the United States and Insignia of the Armed Forces Published by Fred Harvey.
Sidney B. Lusignan,  "My [Holographic] Will" 1955. S02F07
S. Augustus Mitchell Jr. "Plan of New Orleans." 1865. S02F08

"Balloon View of the Vicinity of New Orleans, Looking toward the Gulf of Mexico." 1862.

"New Orleans, La. and its Vicinity." 1853. S02F09

Alfred Waud. "French Market" 1871. The Historic New Orleans Collection, The L. Kemper and Leila Moore Williams Founders Collection, 1965.16.


"Rand, McNally & Co’s. Indexed Atlas of the World. Map of New Orleans." 1892.


Sidney E. Morse and Samuel Breese, "Louisiana." 1842.


Wendt Andry,  A Tourist Map of Louisiana.  circa 1930.

F. Lucas Jr. "Louisiana." 1823. S03F11
R. Benning. "Plan of New Orleans The Capital of Louisiana." 1761. S01F04
Jacques Nicolas Bellin. "Carte de la Louisiane et Pays Voisins pour servir a l’Histoire Generale des Voyages. Par M. B. Ing. De la Marine. Paris: Chez Didot, 1758." S01F02

George F. Cram. "The Louisiana State Board of Agriculture and Immigration’s Map of Louisiana. A Phytogeographic map showing the principal vegetation areas, all principal commercial points, town populations and railway distances." 1913.


Jeremiah Greenleaf. "Louisiana" 1842.  S04F16
T. S. Hardee. "Map of Louisiana showing Topographical Features prepared for the Medical and Surgical Memoirs of Joseph Jones, MD. 1879." S04F18
Nicolas De Fer. "Les Costes Aux Environs De La Riviere De Misisipi Decouvertes par Mr. De la Salle en 1683, et reconnues par Mr. Le Chevallier d'Iberville en 1698 et 1699. par N. de Fer, Geographe de Monseigneur le Dauphin 1705." S03F15
Thomas Kitchin. "A New Map of the River Mississippi from the Sea to Bayagoulas." 1761. S03F15
H. S. Tanner. "A new map of Louisiana with its canals, roads & distances from place to place, along the stage and steam boat routes by H. S. Tanner." 1839. S04F17
Ormando Willis Gray. "Louisiana." 1878. S04F19
Isaac Tirion. "Grondvlakte van Nieuw Orleans, de Hoofdstad van Louisiana [on sheet with] De Uitloop van de Rivier Missisippi [and] De Oostelyke ingang van de Missisippi, met een Plan van het Fort, 't welk het Kanaal beheerscht." 1760. S04F20
Lucile Gillican and Louis Andrews. "Le Vieux Carre de la Nouvelle Orleans Over a Span of Many Years". 1929. S04F20
Myra Zimmerman Barnes. "Le Vieux Carre de la Nouvelle Orleans." 1942. S04F19
H. C. Carey,  and I. Lea,  "Geographical, Statistical, and Historical Map of Louisiana." 1822. S04F18
Rand, McNally & Co., Engr’s. "Map of Louisiana." New York: Hiram H. Hardesty, 1884. S04F17
David H. Burr. "Louisiana"  1834. S04F16
The Century Company. "Louisiana." 1902. S03F15
Joseph Hutchins Colton.  "Louisiana." 1855. S03F14
Anthony Finley. "Louisiana." 1824.    S03F12
S. Agustus Mitchell. "A New Map of Louisiana With its Canals, Roads & Distances from place to place, along the Stage & Steamboat Routes." 1848.   S03F12
Gilbert Grosvenor. "Louisiana Compiled and Drawn in the Cartographic Section of the National Geographic Society for the National Geographic Magazine." 1930. S03F11
Thomas, Cowperthwait & Co. "A New Map of Louisiana With its Canals, Roads and Distances from place to place, along the Stage & Steamboat Routes." 1853. S02F10
Rand, McNally & Company. "Rand, McNally & Co.’s New 11 x 14 Map of Louisiana." 1895.   S02F09
Joseph Meyer, "Neueste Karte von Louisiana mit seinen Canaelen, Strassen, Eisenbahnen, Entfernungen der Hauptpunkte und Routen fur Dampfschiffe. Nach den bessten Quellen verbessert, 1845." S02F08
Matthew Carey. "Louisiana." 1814. S02F07
Thomas G. Bradford. "Louisiana." 1838. S02F06
Thomas G. Bradford. "Washington., [and] Louisville and  Jeffersonville., [and] New Orleans. [and] Cincinnati. 1838. S01F05
Thomas Kitchin. "A New Map of the River Mississippi from the Sea to Bayagoulas." 1761. S01F04
Joseph Hutchins Colton, "The City of Louisville Kentucky [and] The City of New Orleans Louisiana." 1855. S01F03
Jacques Nicolas Bellin. "Plan de la Nouvelle Orleans." 1758. S01F02
Frank Leslie. "Panoramic View of New Orleans, with the National Fleet at anchor in the River, in front, under command of Flag Officer Farragut, April 25 [1862]—See page 91" S01F01

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