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R. L. Polk & Co. New Orleans City Directory - 1940.

Buhler Addie rl00l 4th

" Aimee (wld Wm) h908 7th

" Albert N student r537 Bouny

" Andre F (Gladys) asst sec John M Parker Co h

   3723 Versailles blvd

" Anna sten NO Credit Men's Assn r3622 Camp
" Annie C (wld Ernest) h8081a Burthe
" Cath L typist Fed Res Bk r1318 7th
" Chas J hlpr City Dlv of Pub Wks h1001 4th
" Christine (wld Saml) smstrs h3722 D'Hemecourt
" Clarence H (Clara M) h3475 Annunciation
" Clarence 5 (Mildred P) lino opr T-PPCo h810

    N Hennessy


" Dorothy r202 S Cortes

" Edw F slsmn Guy L Deano Inc r930 Lowerline

" Edw H r2216 Annunciation

" Emile J (Emilla) clk h924 Broadway

" Eug F (Loretta) clk h1318 7th

" Frank auto mech r202 S Cortez

" Frank L platform mn h1679 N Broad av

" Fredk J (Esther) formn Rogers Printing Co

    2509 Franklin av
" Geo (Florence) baker H Martinez Bakery h921

    Opelousas av

'" Geo Jr student r921 Opetousas av
" Geo C sub clk PO r2336 Wisteria
" Geo T (Rosalie) clk h818 Delachalse
" Gertrude r2216 Annunciation
" Gertrude Mrs r2216 Annunciation
" Gladys M r3723 Versailles Blvd
" Gwendolyn student r3723 Versailles blvd
" Harold F (Elberta) buyer h8731 Pear
" Harry J (Louise) whsemn h2113 Elysian Fields

" J Edwin (Marie) dist mgr .h930 Lowerline

" Jas (Alice) dep sheriff Orleans Parish h523 S

" Jas W student r537 Bouny

" John clk r202 S Cortez

" John L r4023 Annunciation

" Jos L (Laura) auditor Williams-Richardson Co

    h3622 Camp
" Leona clk Homesteads In Liquidation   r202 S

" Lorraine K bkpr New Orleans Paint & Color Co

    r363l State St dr
" Louis E bkpr r1318 7th
" Louise E mlnr 3631 State St dr
" Magdalene (wld Wm) h3631 State St dr
" Mamie r3722 D'Hemecourt
" Margt B (wld Cornelius) h2336 Wisteria
" Marie hsekpr r1025 Peniston
" Marie L r2216 Annunciation
" Marion clk MBCo r202 S Cortez
" May (wid Chas) h202 S Cortez
" Minnie (wid Emilc) r712 N Alexander
" Pauline (wld Wm) h4023 Annunciation
" Philip C clk LaP&LCo r537 Bouny

" Philip N (Hazel) carp h537 Bouny
" Rose Mrs r1679 N Broad av

" Saml clk McMillan's r8610 Forshey

" Thelma sten r910 N Hennessy

" Thos J (Theresa) h2622 Annunciation

" Thos R (Mildred) clk Tullis Craig & Co hl34

    S White

" Thornton J r1318 7th
" Veronica r1318 7th
" Victor (Mamie) wtchmn r916 Pleasant
'" Wm student r3622 Camp

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