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Soards' New Orleans City Directory - 1932.

Buhler Addie K rl00l 4th

" Andrew F aast sec John M Parker Co h3723

   Versailles   blvd
" Anna M h8018 Burthe
" Chas mech h2818 Cleveland
" Chas J lab Dept Pub Wks h1001 4th
" Clarence H lab r4023 Annunciation        

" S  Mrs  r2605  StCharles av
" Emile J clk h2922 Broadway
" Ethel K sten r8018 Burthe
" Eug F chauf r2622 Frenchmen
" Eug F drugs 3701 N Tontl h do
" Frank J mech r2818 Cleveland
" Fredk A r476 StAndrew
" Fredk J bkbndr h2509 Franklin av
" Geo atndt r Severn av and Villere (Metairie)
" Geo bkpr Geo A Smith h2702 Constance
" Geo C r2336 Wistaria
" Geo H baker h823 Atlantic av
" Geo T lab r3427 Annunciation
" Harold F clk John F Clark & Co h8731   Pear
" Harry J whsemn h2113 Elysian Fields av
" Henry G chauf h826 Toledano

" J Edwin slsmn h4308 S Dorgenols

" Jas G dep sheriff Parish Orleans r3606 Banks

" John L lab r4023 Annunciation

" John P lab h1735 StAndrew

" Jos L cash Willams-Richardson Co Ltd h3622

" Jos L jr r3622 Camp

" Leona sten r2818 Cleveland

" Leroy   lab   r4306 Genl Pershlng

" Lorene K bkpr N 0 Paint & Color Co Inc r3631
   State Street dr

" Louise E mlnr r3631 State Street dr

" Margt (wid Cornelius) h2336 Wistaria

" Marian slswn Katz & Besthoff r2818 Cleveland

" Marjorle M sten Imperial Trading Co Inc rl00l

" Nicholas A marine eng h1024 Andry

" Pauline (wld Wm) h4023 Annunciation

" Philip N caulker h537 Bouny

" Reglna (wld Peter) r329 Eliza

" Ruth E sten Universal Credit Co r2509 Franklin

" Saml H city firemn Truck Co No 9 h510 S Genois

" Theresa (wld Albert) b4306 Genl Pershing

" Thos J slsmn h2045 Laurel

" Thos R slsmn h4706 Euphrosine

" Victor lab h828 Pleasant

" Wm h3631 State St dr

" Wm J lab h514 Dufossat

1931 INDEX  1933


updated 23 January 2021

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