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Soards' New Orleans City Directory - 1927.


Buhler Andrew F broker h3723 Versailles Blvd

" Annie Mrs h440 Fern

" Bartholomew   mech   h3123   Maurepas

" B slsmn Chetta & Jones h2500 D'Abadie

" Chas chauf hl00l   4th

" Chas   mech   J   Schiro   &   Sons   r812   Ida

" Clarence cheesemkr M M Carnahan r3955


" Edw J  mgr  h2730  Broadway
" Emile  wtchmn   h1222   Genl   Pershing
" Emile J jr clk So Ry System h2921 Broadway
" Eug  chauf r474  St  Andrew
" Eug A r4506 St Charles av
" Florence   attndt   r823   Atlantic   av
" Frank clk Standard Oil Co of La r2311 Maga-

" Frank  Mrs  cashr r2311   Magazine
" Frank L clk r3123 Maurepas
" Fredk  carp  r1717   Carondelet
" Fredk pntr r476 St Andrew
" Fredk J formn A W Hyatt Sta Co r4904 Camp
" Geo  baker Jos Susslin  h823  Atlantic   av
" Geo bkpr G A Smith h2702 Constance
" Geo C clk Donald Maginnis & Co r2336 Wis-

" Harold   F   carp h8731   Pear
" Harry whsemn Stauffer Eshleman & Co r2113
  Elysian   Fields   av


" Henry chauf h1728 Lafayette

" Jas whsemn r3605 Banks

" John   clk h2336   Wisteria

" John   plmbr r3958 Annunciation

" John B clk r3123 Maurepas

" John P lab r1022 St Mary

" John P Mrs pkr r1022 St Mary

" Jos L casbr Williams-Richardson Co r3622

" J Edwin mfrs agt 546 Baronne b2730 Broad-

" J Otto paperhngr 2843 Annunciation

" Laurence C acct h535 S Pierce

" Lenora sten r616 1st

" Leonie clk Underwood Typewriter Co r812 Ida

" Loriue bkpr N O Paint & Color Co h3631
  State St dr

" Louisa E mlnr r3631 State St dr

" Louise C sten Bldg Dlv City Engineers Office h
  4904 Camp

" L Mrs h616   1st

" L C clk r3121 Chlppewa

" Ora hkbndr Am Printing Co r235 Pelican av

" Pauline   Mrs   h3950   Annunciation

" Philip   caulker   h235    Pelican    av

" Rosalie   Mrs   h3240   Dumaine

" Ruth sten Audrey A Feitel r4904 Camp

" Saml chauf Auto Truck No 9   r8610   Forshey

" Susanna Mrs h1022 St Mary

" Theresa   Mrs   h4306   Genl   Pershing

" Thos clk Boy Shoe Co r812 Ida

" Victor   h3712   Toledano

" Wm h3631   State   St dr

" Wm   lab   h732   Genl   Taylor

" Wm   lab   r3045   Burgundy

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