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Soards' New Orleans City Directory - 1911.


Buhler Andrew, lab. r. 4413 Tchoupitoulas
Buhler Bartholemy (Karcher & Buhler),
  3336  Dumaine, r.  2742 Orchid 

Buhler Charles, lab.  r. 527 Bouny
Buhler Charles, lab.   r.   809 Harmony
Buhler Charles, machinist, r.  1712 St.


Buhler Charles M. chief clk. Disburse-
  ments Dept. M. L. & T. R. R. & S. S.
  Co. 610 Poydras, r. 1228 Pine               

Buhler Edward, brewer, r. 410 Bourbon
Buhler Emile, conductor, r. 617 Napoleon
Buhler Emile, painter, r. 111 Lavergne
Buhler Ernest, engr. r. 7621 Macarty
Buhler Eugene, pharmacist, r. 3455 Con-

BUHLER EUGENE F., Pres. Teutonia
  Bank and Trust Co., 327 St. Charles,
  and Teutonia Loan & Bldg. Assn.,
  712 Union, r. 2343 Constance. Phone

  Uptown 1452                                        I

Buhler Francis, gardener H. Sophie New-
  comb Mem. College, 1220 Washington

  av. r. 2845 Camp
Buhler Frederick A.  painter, r. 2330 St.

Buhler Frederick H. bookbinder, r.  2359

Buhler Florence Miss, stenog. r.  3819


Buhler George, baker, r. 527 Bouny
Buhler George, broommaker G. A. Smith

  858 Tchoupitoulas, r. 2522 Chippewa

Buhler Henry E. clk. Shushan Bros. &

  Co. 127 Chartres, r. 650 S. Gayoso
Buhler Henry J. chief clk. Credit Clear-
  ing   House, 511 People's Bank bldg.
  r.  2317 Laurel

Buhler John P.  ticket agt.   r.  3455 Con-
Buhler Louis J. salesman Philip Werlein,

  Ltd.  607 Canal, r.  3455 Constance
Buhler Margaret Mrs. r. 2510 Laurel
Buhler Mary Mrs. r. 650 S. Gayoso
Buhler Mary Mrs. r.  2018 Iberville
Buhler Peter, agt. r. 936 Thayre
Buhler Samuel H. ladderman Truck No.

  2, 715 Girod, r. 1618 Cambronne
Buhler Sophie Mrs.  r. 2317 Laurel


  Mrs. R. O. Marcour, Pres.; F. N.
  Winn, Sec.; Hardware and Paints,
  4300 Magazine.  Phone Uptown 666
Buhler Susana Mrs.  r. 3455 Constance
Buhler Victor, driver, r. 549 Philip
Buhler William, lab.  3819 Tchoupitoulas

Buhler William, machinist, r.  708 Con-

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