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Soards' New Orleans City Directory - 1907.


Buhler Anthony (Buhler Bros), r. 1732 St.


Buhler Bros. (Anthony and Richard), gro-
  cers, 1732 St. Thomas
Buhler Charles, capt. Engine No. 18, 439

  Elmira av. r. 537 Bouny
Buhler Charles, lab. r. 430 Adele
Buhler Charles, machinist, r. 1439 Euterpe
Buhler Charles M. chief clk. General Ac-
  counts, auditor's dept. M. L. & T. R. R.
  & S. S. Co. 511 Natchez, r. 822 Nash-
  ville av.

Buhler Edward, packer, r, 1709 Poydras
Buhler Emile, driver, r. 4810 Constance
Buhler Emile, lab. r. 314 Cadiz
Buhler Emile, painter, r. 111 Lavergne
Buhler Eugene, clk. E. Wunderlich, 1415


BUHLER EUGENE F., Pres. Teutonia .
  Bank and Trust Co. 327 St. Charles,
  and Teutonia Loan & Bldg. Assn., and
  Pres. Lafayette Realty Co. Ltd. 313 St.
  Charles, r. 2343 Constance. Phone Main

Buhler Frank, r. 1732 St. Thomas
Buhler Frederick, lab. r. 2330 St. Thomas
Buhler Frederick J. bookbinder, r. 926 Sec-

Buhler George, lab. r. 430 Adele
Buhler Harry, clk. Credit Clearing House,

  204 Camp
Buhler Henry, saloon, cor. Alix and Se-


Buhler Joseph, baker, r. 4810 Constance
Buhler Louis clk. Louis Grunewald Co.
  Ltd. 735 Canal, r. 3455 Constance

Buhler Margaret Mrs. r. 2510 Laurel
Buhler Peter, agt. Life Ins. Co. of Va,

  942 Royal, r. 226 Belleville
Buhler Richard, r. 220 S. Dupre
Buhler Richard (Buhler Bros.) r. 1732 St.

Buhler Samuel, driver L. Herman, 8140

  Oak, r. 1620 Cambronne
Buhler Sophie Mrs. r. 926 Second
Buhler Supply Store, Mrs. Andrew Buh-
  ler, propr. hardware, 4300 Magazine
Buhler Victor, driver, r. 2125 Rousseau
Buhler Viola A. Mrs. propr. Buhler Sup-
  ply Store, 4300 Magazine, r. same
Buhler William, lab. r. 3819 Tchoupitoulas
Buhler William, machinist, r. 708 Constan-

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