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Soards' New Orleans City Directory - 1903.


Buhler Andrew, cooper, r. 2600 Washing-
  ton av

Buhler Andrew, lab. r. 4810 Constance
BUHLER ANDREW L., Grocer, 943

  Decatur. Phones C. 2707-12; P. 992. r.

  1935 Ursuline av

Buhler Anna Mrs. r. 3455 Constance
Buhler Anthony (Buhler Bros.), r. 2004

Buhler Bartholomew, mngr. Buhler Bros,

  r. 2004 Prytania
Buhler Bros. (Charles and Anthony),

  electroplating, 1924 Magazine
Buhler Charles (Buhler Bros.), r. 2004

Buhler Charles, capt. Engine No. 17, 142

  Delaronde, r. 537 Bouny
Buhler Charles, clk. Burnett & Gayle 805

  Canal, r. 2108 Cleveland
Buhler Cornelius, boss drayman, r. 2510


Buhler C. M. clk. auditor's dept. So. Pa-
  cific Co. 517 Natchez, r. St. Charles.

  cor. Julia
Buhler Edward, packer, r. 1709 N. Poy-

Buhler Emile, clk. W. K. Coyle & Co.

  foot Cadiz, r. 4810 Constance

BUHLER EUGENE F., Pres. Teutonia
  Bank. 327 St. Charles; Pres. Eug. F.
Buhler Co. Ltd. 1607 Dryades, and
  Pres. The Teutonia Loan and Bldg.
  Co. 313 St. Charles, r. 4300 Magazine
Buhler Eugene F. Co. Ltd. Eugene F.
Buhler pres; L. Harrold Jensen sec.
  and treas. hardware, 1607 Dryades.
Branch 4300 Magazine
Buhler Frank, clk. r. 2232 Laurel
Buhler Frederick A. lab. r. 2428 Laurel
Buhler Frederick J. driver G. J. Buisson.

  2001 Magazine, r. 900 Josephine
Buhler George, broom maker, r. 2122 Lau-

Buehler George. calker. r. 533 Seguin
Buhler Harry J. clk. r. 900 Josephine
Buhler Henry, carp. r. 533 Seguin
Buhler Joseph, baker, r. 4810 Constance
Buhler Leon, grocer, r. 1935 Ursuline av
Buhler Louise Miss, clk. r. 1171 Magazine
Buhler Peter, shoes. 347 Elmira. r. 420

  Elmira   av

Buhler Samuel, lab. r. 724 Soraparu
Buhler Sophie Mrs. r. 900 Josephine
Buhler Victor, lab. r. 438 Josephine
Buhler Victoria Mrs. r. 1506 Conti
Buhler William, janitor Laurel School,

  833 Philip, r. 2232 Laurel 

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