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Soards' New Orleans City Directory - 1889.

Buhler Andrew, r. 463 Hospital
Buhler Andrew, cooper, John Murray, r. 323
Buhler Andrew L. bkpr. John Gauche's Sons,
  r. 382 Constance
Buhler Antonio, lab. 183 Howard
Buhler Charles, driver, Henry Carstens, r. 45 St.
Buhler Christian, lab. r. 463 Hospital
Buhler Cornelius, drayman, r. 32 Josephine, 4th  
Buhler Edith Miss, bkp. Crescent News co., r.
  847 Carondelet
Buhler Edward, lab. r. 183 Howard
Buhler Elizabeth, wid. Joseph, r. 183 Howard
Buhler Emile, lab. r. 29 Bouny, 5th dist.
Buhler Eugene F. hardware, 438 and 440  Dry-
  ades, r. 382 Constance
Buhler Francis, gardener, r. Camp, nw. cor.
Buhler Frank, packer, Levy, Wolf & Co. r. 183
Buhler Frederick, r. 298 St. Thomas
Buhler Frederick a. lab. r. 140 Laurel
Buhler George, broommaker, B. Lesher r. 94
Buhler Gertie, wid. Antoine, r. 29 Bouny, 5th
Buhler George, clk. r. 213 Howard
Buhler Henry, lab. r. 29 Bouny, 5th Dist.
Buhler Henry, painter, r. 293 Columbus, 3d
Buhler Jacob, bartender, T. Brummer, r. 337
Buhler Jennie G. Miss, type-writer Flash, Pres-
  ton & Co. r. 847 Carondelet
Buhler John, grocer, Peter, nw. cor. Elmira av.
  5th Dist.
Buhler John, grocer, 484 St. Charles av.
Buhler Joseph, (Ernst & Co.), propr. Planters'
  Rice Mill, 62 Decatur, 2nd Dist., telephone
  788; r. 397 Constance
Buhler Josephine Miss, r. 63 Olivier, 5th Dist.
Buhler Louis, (Buhler & Schreiber), r. 873 Mag-
Buhler Mary wid. John R. r. 847 Carondelet
Buhler Peter, boots and shoes, 105 Patterson,
  5th Dist.
Buhler Sophie, wid. John, grocery, 484
  St. Charles av.
Buhler Thomas, bds. 67 S. Rampart
Buhler William, warehouseman, Taylor Bros. r.
  es Contance, bet Sixth and Seventh
Buhler & Schreiber, (Louis Buhler and Henry B.
  Schreiber), feed store, 873 Magazine and 30
  Poydras, telephone 869

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