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Peter Anton Buhler of New Orleans, Louisiana.

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Church Registers

Holy Name of Mary, Algiers, Louisiana. Baptism Card Index

1883 - 2000

The information in this index was compiled June 2002 by J. L. Covell, Archivist, Church of the Holy Name of Mary at the author's request. The card index was searched for all Buhler surname entries. (AA = New Orleans Archdiocesan Archives; HNM = Holy Name of Mary Archives.)


Name Date Archive
Buhler, Estelle M 2 Dec 1883 AA
Buhler, Pearl Evelina 25 Dec 1884 AA
Buhler, Lilly  25 Dec 1886 AA
Buhler, George Henry 8 Dec 1889 AA
Buhler, Nicholas Albert Mar 1891 AA
Buhler, Marie Louise Lilly 19 Nov 1893 AA
Buhler, Ora Elizabeth 9 Feb 1896 AA
Buhler, Philip Neville 12 Jul 1896 AA
Buhler, Lydia Acelie 7 Apr 1901 AA
Buhler, Living 8 Jul 1917 AA
Buhler, Living 4 Apr 1920 HMM
Buhler, Living 8 May 1921 HNM
Buhler, Albert Neville 1 Oct 1922 HNM
Buhler, Living 8 Aug 1927 HNM
Buhler, Shirley May Teresa 6 Jan 1929 HNM
Buhler, Living 17 Jul 1932 HNM
Buhler, Living 31 Jul 1932 HNM
Buhler, Living 16 Apr 1944 HNM
Buhler, Living    8 Jun 1947 HNM
Buhler, Living 24 Sept 1950 HNM
Buhler, Living 7 Dec 1952 HNM
Buhler, Living 24 Dec 2000 HNM

updated 25 November 2005

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